Eighteen years after the release of the original, Warcraft III Reforged sets out to modernise the classic strategy game with a new look, updated gameplay and modern multiplayer. It doesn’t deliver across the board, but for most players this is the best way to experience Blizzard’s finest fantasy epic. For everyone else, well it doesn’t matter because this is now essentially the only way to experience it.

Before World of Warcraft, this franchise was rich with storytelling and characters; just as enjoyable for competitive types as it was for offline solo players looking for a challenging time against the CPU and a great narrative. In 2020, years of vague MMO quests and storytelling has dulled Warcraft’s edge quite a bit, and Reforged is an excellent reminder of the way things were.

Warcraft III looks better than ever, though not as good as some might have liked.

Despite all the time that’s passed, this is still one of the best real time strategy games you can play today. The four playable races — Humans, Orcs, Undead and Night Elves — make for meaningful differences in strategy as you build your resources, amass an army or prepare a defence.

Meanwhile smart economy and unit design, limited squad sizes, great dynamic maps and the focus on hugely powerful hero characters makes for a truly accessible but deep single-player game, with quests that alternate between exploration, objectives and skirmishes. Multiplayer is an entirely different beast of course, and without serious skill and an incredible knowledge of the game you’re likely to be destroyed online, but having access to a modern multiplayer client is nice.

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